Project Description

I am a self taught potter who had a mentor for guidance and a hunger for learning.

After many years of health challenges an a son with special needs I found myself where I desired to be in life. Though life as an artist can be challenging, I face these head on and usually thrive in the face of challenges.

you will see a variety of work in my studio from Raku that I do with my son and friends to wood fired work that is made and prepared in my studio then fired in the spring on Denman Island in Gordon Hutchens kiln with a group of talented potters. To functional pieces varying from dinner bowls, mugs, yarn bowls, trinket dishes sushi plates and more.

My buttons are another highlight for many, a unique way to finish a piece of your own work of art.

Finally my specialty crackle vases have become part of my signature work and a growing passion, these take time to make so selection is typically limited.

My work as a potter will evolve and change as I learn and grow with experiences. Hence.


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