Project Description

Fernwood Cafe on Salt Spring IslandWelcome to the internet home of the Fernwood Road Cafe.  This beautiful little spot on Salt Spring Island is the dreamchild of Jennifer and David Shaw.  Transplants from North Vancouver (though Jennifer has a long family history with Salt Spring), Jennifer and David purchased the Fernwood Road Cafe on October 1, 2011 and have been living the Island dream since.

Coming from a background as a lawyer, a custom cake designer (yes, those are wildly different professions) and years of coffee education at Starbucks, Jennifer brings a history of business and a desire to give 110% to everything that she does.  Whether it’s making your favorite non-fat, half-sweet, decaf, extra hot, wet vanilla cappuccino or serving up a slice of her Grandma’s Secret Recipe lemon cake, Jennifer strives to do her best.

His background in the travel industry (Evergreen Tours) and many years of working for Islanders’ favorite transportation company, gives David a unique perspective on Island life and the challenges of a community reliant on tourism and restricted transportation links.  David’s easygoing manner hides his serious side, but there is nothing more serious that making sure that every patron at the cafe has an enjoyable experience.

At Fernwood Road Cafe, we are here for the long run.  We strive to be a part of the community and are always looking for new ways to bring people together to talk, play and expand their horizons.


Sept 9 – Sept 30

9am – 5pm every day
except Wednesday.

CLOSED on Wednesdays

325 Fernwood Rd. Salt Spring Island, BC, V8K 1C3